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14 October 2019Royal Jewels and the American Heiress: Antique Treasures for the New World
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14 December 2020A Right Royal Christmas.
08 February 2021The Magic of Patterns.

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Royal Jewels and the American Heiress: Antique Treasures for the New World Andrew Prince Monday 14 October 2019

In this talk Andrew shows that with the turbulent political times between 1870 and 1929 culminating with the final collapse of the European and Russian Monarchies, countless astonishing art and jewel collections were dispersed, looted or sold.  Fortunately this coincided with the growing wealth and power of American millionaires who were themselves intent on creating palaces of their own, filling them with the greatest paintings and furniture and weighing down their wives and providing their daughters with a dowry of the finest of royal jewels. Andrew explains how many of these fabulously wealthy heiresses married into the British Aristocracy, bringing many of the treasures with them and how with the decline of the British Empire and aristocratic power, these legendary jewels have again been parted with and now can be seen in the world’s greatest museums, for all to enjoy.