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12 February 2018Wabi and Sabi: the beauty of imperfection.
12 March 2018Shaken by an earthquake; Igor Stravinsky and the Ballets Russes.
09 April 2018Foreigners in London – 1520-1677. The Artists that Changed the Course of British Art.
14 May 2018The Herbarium of Carl Linnaeus and the Linnean Society of London.
11 June 2018The Magnificent Maya – Fact or Fantasy?
09 July 2018James Whistler: “The gentle art of making enemies.”
08 October 2018The Art of the Steal. Nazi looting during World War II.

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Wabi and Sabi: the beauty of imperfection. Dr. Meri Arachi Monday 12 February 2018

In Japan the Way of Tea, often translated as “Tea Ceremony” is considered to be the embodiment of the nation’s culture. The architecture of the tea hut in its garden setting, special ceramics and other utensils were designed to reflect the ideals of Tea Ceremony which was heavily influenced by Zen Buddhism.  The aesthetic concepts wabi (simplicity, frugality) and sabi (tranquillity, patina of age) are most prominently expressed in the art of rustic ceramics used in Tea Ceremony, and their humble look overturns the conventional standard of beauty.  This lecture will consider the intriguing nature of wabi and sabi that challenges our very idea of art.