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13 November 2017Healing Stitches: Therapeutic handicraft at the time of war.
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11 June 2018The Magnificent Maya – Fact or Fantasy?
09 July 2018James Whistler: “The gentle art of making enemies.”
08 October 2018The Art of the Steal. Nazi looting during World War II.

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Healing Stitches: Therapeutic handicraft at the time of war. Jacquie Hyman Monday 13 November 2017

This talk is timed to mark the end of the First World War on Nov 11th 1918.

 Many soldiers, especially from WWI, returned with loss of limbs, disfigurement and shell shock. ‘Healing Stitches’ tells how ordinary people responded to these badly wounded soldiers, wanting to help at the most challenging time in a person’s life.  A wounded man could become absorbed in needlecraft and, for a time, forget his injury, providing ‘hope’ for the future.  Similarly, those who had lost loved ones were able to engage in needlecraft as personal therapy.  This lecture explores the supportive help of needlecraft suppliers and practitioners.  Therapeutic needlecraft began during the Crimean War, and continues to the present day where it is now seen as a recognized form of occupational therapy, with remarkable benefits.