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08 October 2018The Art of the Steal. Nazi looting during World War II.
12 November 2018The Victorians and their Afterlife.
10 December 2018In the Kingdom of The Sweets.
11 February 2019Turbulent times: Russian History as depicted by its 19th century realist painters.
11 March 2019The Empress Josephine and the Artists of her Time.
08 April 2019Through a glass darkly: a history of glass through the eyes of the artist.
13 May 2019The GPO Film Unit – the Birth of Documentary Films.
10 June 2019Chinese Takeaways.
08 July 2019Mad Men and the Artists – how the advertising industry has exploited fine art.
14 October 2019Royal Jewels and the American Heiress: Antique Treasures for the New World

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The Art of the Steal. Nazi looting during World War II. Shauna Isaac Monday 08 October 2018

The Nazis looted over 20% of Western Art during World War II and the effects of this looting is still evident.  The lecturer, who among other things runs an Art Recovery Company, will look at why the Nazis looted art and how the looted art was returned after the war.  There are several landmark cases that will be discussed in detail, including Gustav Klint’s celebrated Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer (the Woman in Gold) and the stash of over 1 200 artworks found in possession of the son of a notorious Nazi dealer.