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09 December 2019A Right Royal Christmas.
10 February 2020Board Games from Antiquity.
09 March 2020Treasures of the Fan Museum. An introduction to the world’s first fan museum and its extraordinary collection.
06 April 2020Me Too! Women Patrons of Renaissance Italy.
11 May 2020Iconoclasm in the English Church – A study in Constructive Destruction.
08 June 2020Canal History and Heritage.
13 July 2020Annual General Meeting
13 July 2020Desktop to Bureau.
12 October 2020Here be Dragons.

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A Right Royal Christmas. Roger Askew Monday 09 December 2019

Roger takes great pleasure in explaining how our royal families have celebrated Christmas throughout their long history, from William the Conqueror, making sure of his claim to the English throne, by being crowned in Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day 1066.  Feasting on a spectacular scale characterised medieval Christmases – we’re told of extraordinary culinary delicacies served to Henry II, cranes’ flesh, peacocks and herons. Present giving always marked the season from the extravagant – the City of London presented Richard II with a camel and a pelican - to the witty – Mrs Thatcher sent the Queen a pair of yellow washing-up gloves, having seen her Majesty doing the dishes without any.  This lecture explores these traditions many of which we have adopted as a necessary part of our own celebrations.