NADFAS was the inspiration of Patricia Fay who, in 1965, started the Chiltern Antique Group – later to become the Chiltern DFAS. Such was the success of this initiative that other Societies soon followed, and in 1968, the first eleven Societies formed what is now referred to as NADFAS - the National Association of Decorative and Fine Art Societies Yet more Societies rapidly came into being and the Association is now a worldwide organization.

Up to £1/4million is granted annually, not only to help young apprentices to obtain qualifications as master craftsmen in the fields of furniture making, silversmiths, masonry etc., but also to help new societies get off the ground, and existing ones to improve. Today, much stress is put on the importance of Gift Aid, since it has accounted for over £1.2 million since NADFAS was started.